Pre-Construction Project Review

  • Plans and specifications review.
  • Evaluate contractor's qualifications.
  • Cost evaluation of the borrower's project budget.
  • Evaluate project schedule.
  • Critque proposed contracts.
  • Review loan documents.

On-Site Project Review

  • Review progress of construction, observe work in place and properly stored materials.
  • Advise on program deviations, defects or deficiencies observed in the work.
  • Assess the percentage of completion for each construction activity.

Disbursement Review

  • Review payment applications for accuracy of work completed and entitlement for payments.
  • Review budget to assess adequacy of funds available to complete the project.
  • Prepare a monthly status report with photographic documentation in accordance with lender requirements.
  • Track and log all lien waivers.
  • Review change orders for validity of cost, time and project impacts.
  • Review of final project closeout procedures and documentation.

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